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Platform Merchants

A Merchant Based eCommerce and Coordination Platform

 Merchants have been classified roughly into two groups.  You will find these two groups defined as "front office merchants" and "back office merchants" (see diagram below).  

Front office merchants are industry participants looking to execute construction projects utilizing the Builderchain platform.  

Back office merchants represent what historically would have provided departmental functions commonly found within these front office organizations, but now can be more effectively delivered as outsourced, turnkey, business  services. 


Our Unique Value Proposition


We leverage these unique efficiencies in a way that only a blockchain-based, cross-organizational marketplace platform can provide.

Front office merchants can conduct cross-organizational transactions and workflows with back office merchants and other front office merchants.

Likewise, back office merchants will commonly conduct transactions and workflows with front office merchants, but transactions and workflows can also be conducted from one back office merchant with another back office merchant.